At Meland Budwick, P.A., we take an interdisciplinary approach to the law. We pride ourselves on our flexible, creative method of problem solving and on our firm culture that highly prioritizes responsiveness to our clients’ needs.


At Meland Budwick, P.A., we recognize that a proactive approach to employment-related matters is the best defense against potentially costly lawsuits. We routinely advise firms on these matters, and our work includes drafting and implementing personnel policies and procedures as well as managing issues related to employee disciplinary actions and terminations. We have extensive experience drafting and litigating employment agreements.

  • Represented former employee of solid fuel provider in action regarding non-solicitation and non-compete obligations.
  • Represented numerous employers in negotiating severance agreements with terminated employees.
  • Represented a law firm in a breach-of-contract dispute with former employees.
  • Represented senior executive exiting from a Fortune 500 technology company.
  • Represented senior executive of a public relations company in her departure from the company.
  • Represented various employers in Fair Labor Standard Act cases.