James Moon featured by the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers Association of South Florida (GALLA)

GALLA | March 2, 2022

GALLA (March 2, 2022, 6:39 AM EST) — James “Jim” Moon, a partner with Meland Budwick, is a distinguished attorney and activist focusing his law practice on commercial litigation, bankruptcy and restructuring, receivership and assignments, and creditors’ rights. He has published many articles and acquired extensive experience litigating and defending a wide variety of complex civil and cross-border litigation matters in state and federal courts for sophisticated national and international clients.

While he has received many awards and accolades for his professional achievements, he takes greatest pride in the ability to give back and serve his community. A recognized leader and activist in the LGBTQ community, Jim serves as Vice Chair and national board member of “A Wider Bridge,” an organization dedicated to equality for Israel on the world stage and equality for LGBTQ people within Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Gaza Strip. Jim also serves as Vice-Chair of the SAVE Foundation and Board Member of SAVE, Inc. SAVE’s mission is to promote, protect and defend equality for people in South Florida who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. Jim also serves on the Board of the Koyzak Minority Mentoring Foundation, and implemented the very first statewide mentoring program for LGBTQ law students for the KMMF Foundation. Jim was formerly a Board Member of the Outshine Film Festival. Jim is recognized as a leading progressive advocate for Israel by AIPAC, lecturing and writing about the progressive case for support for the State of Israel as well as LGBTQ people in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Gaza Strip. Notably, Jim is a Gulf War veteran who also served approximately 10 years as a communications and cryptographic specialist in the United States Navy aboard ballistic missile and fast-attack submarines.

Jim may be reached at: jmoon@melandbudwick.com