At Meland Budwick, P.A., we take an interdisciplinary approach to the law. We pride ourselves on our flexible, creative method of problem solving and on our firm culture that highly prioritizes responsiveness to our clients’ needs.

Trial Practice

At Meland Budwick, P.A., we begin virtually every litigation matter expecting that it will go to trial. Our lawyers have extensive experience trying cases, before both judges and juries. We build our litigation strategy around trial, ensuring that we obtain the evidence necessary for an effective trial presentation. While most civil cases settle, our deep trial experience, combined with our reputation for taking cases to trial, enables us to negotiate from an advantaged position.

Trial Practice Representative Matters

  • Represented Kenneth A. Welt, as the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee for the estate of Ali Reza Zargaran in a trial in the District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Successful avoided the transfer of Texas property to and deemed the property in Texas an asset of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy estate.  
  • Represented a school management company in a breach of contract case.  The case was adjudicated before a three-member arbitration panel composed of two former judges, and it proceeded to a contested, week-long final evidentiary hearing.  Following the hearing, the panel entered an order affirming our client’s claims and rejecting the respondent’s affirmative defenses.
  • In December 2014, the firm accepted a pro bono case through Dade Legal Aid/Put Something Back, to serve as an Attorney ad Litem for Jake (the minor client’s real name is not being provided in order to preserve his privacy).  Jake grew up in a home where he was witness to drug use and violence, and subject to significant neglect. Following the termination of Jake’s parents’ parental rights, Jake was placed with his maternal aunt. The firm negotiated and received Court-approval of a case plan for Jake’s aunt, setting forth various tasks for Jake’s aunt to complete in order to establish that it was in Jake’s best interest to be returned to his aunt’s custody.  Following Jake’s aunt’s successful completion of her case plan, the firm moved to place Jake back in his aunt’s custody. After a three-day contested evidentiary hearing, the Court granted Jake’s request to be reunified with his aunt.
  • Represented the debtor, which was the owner and operator of the Sagamore Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.  Following a contested confirmation hearing, the Bankruptcy Court confirmed Sagamore’s amended reorganization plan.   
  • Represented Crown Linen, LLC in a jury trial involving misappropriation of trade secrets, FDUTPA, and tortious interference claims against its former sales director, who started a competing company.
  • Represented large insurance company in litigation against former employees for stealing trade secrets. Obtained an emergency injunction.
  • Represented an individual in a week-long arbitration trial involving claims of business defamation and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Represented real-estate developer in a trial of a foreclosure action involving complicated defenses and a counterclaim.
  • Represented note purchaser in breach-of-guaranty trial in the Complex Business Division of Miami-Dade Circuit Court.
  • Represented debtor in a bench trial in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida to determine the validity, priority, and extent of liens.